Always On Dynamic Creative

Always On Dynamic Creative

Volvo Cars

Launching the new XC90, we supported Volvo Cars in taking a new approach to their prevailing ”always-on” programmatic advertising. Implementing a unique design and a new testing methodology, conversion rates increased by 74% and Click Through Rate increased by 41%.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation, enables the possibility to adjust ads, in real time.

We used empirical evidence to determine what imagery and messaging worked for which target audience, so optimising a significant amount of media spend. Prospective customers were served with the ads they wanted to see by using precision and data to deliver the right message at the right time, to the right audience.

Disrupting the automotive industry is part of the daily routine at Volvo Cars. Even though doing so, includes a fair amount of risk. The risk of disruption in dynamic creative advertising can be mitigated by implementing the following methodology:

1. Test alternative storylines, advertising features and imagery on a small scale.

2. Use large data sets and AI to find out what works and what doesn’t.

3. Operate a scalable digital platform that enables you to deploy best practice instantly, all around the world.  

For more of our thoughts on data driven marketing, feel free to download this thought piece on the data driven marketing world and how to grow your brand.

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