Volvo S90/V90 product launch

Volvo S90/V90 product launch

Volvo Cars

GREY Gothenburg answered the brief from Volvo Cars to stand out in a cluttered exhibition environment, where the loudest and the biggest wins, while keeping the calm and sleek Scandinavian design language.  

The unique S90/V90 stand concept was presented in three global regions: at Detroit Auto Show, Geneva Motor Show and Beijing Motor Show. The concept was awarded Gold in Svenska Design Priset 2016, stand and event design category.

By expressing premium luxury in a calm way – in architecture, materials, images, film and displays, we created a space for interesting conversations and experiences. Volvos’ 'peace of mind' stand clearly stood out from the competition. Mind Mancers, a people- metric survey, proved that both press and public stayed longer on Volvos stand at all 3 shows, compared to previous shows.

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