Dynamic Creative Optimization Award Winners

Dynamic Creative Optimization Award Winners

Volvo Cars Norway

A golden collaboration between creative and digital performance

For over a year, Grey Gothenburg has in close collaboration with Mindshare, been developing a large test rig for Volvo Cars Norway using Dynamic Content Optimization. With 3 nominations and 3 wins, the results have exceeded all expectations, and have significantly optimized digital media spend for Volvo.

Re-designing the new dynamic template of fully responsive ads – the project successfully ensured that the Volvo brand was delivered consistently across multiple digital channels. Building and testing a total of639 ads in 2358 different banners.

”By using DCO, we can tailor the creative and messaging while targeting ads to capture key moments in our customers decision making journeys. The time spent on manual work now goes to developing hypotheses and messages and connecting these with the relevant target audience.” Samuel Beckmann, Insights ManagerMindshare

As a result, the conversion rate was improved by 440%,and the cost per conversion reduced by 66%. Ultimately resulting in a Gold for Lead Performance, a Silver inPerformance Innovation, as well as a Silver for OnlinePerformance in INMA Performance Awards.

“The key to success in the digital media landscape is creating a close collaboration between media buyers, adtech experts and creatives. The partnership betweenVolvo Cars, Mindshare and Grey has resulted in a strong improvement in our invested media budget. At the same time, we’ve continuously collected new data about our customers that we can use as insights for our ongoing creative process. We are very pleased with the recognition we received from INMA Performance Awards, and look forward taking this concept into other markets as well,” says Patrik Norrlund, Dynamic Content Creation at Volvo Car's global marketing department.

”This marks the results of the transformation that we have undergone in the past 2 years from a traditional agency to a front runner in delivering creativity in the performance advertising space.” Nicola Stockmann, CEOGrey Gothenburg

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