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Brand Identity & Homofobiterapi Campaign

Brand Identity & Homofobiterapi Campaign

West Pride

Homofobiterapi was the most celebrated piece in a 360 rebranding project for West Pride in 2019.

The campaign is a digital self-help therapy for people in need of managing negative thoughts and physical reactions to harmless stimuli. 

Specifically: sufferers of symptoms such as anger, stress and anxiety towards individuals who identify as either gay, bi or trans.

Recognizing the 50 years since the Stonewall riots, Homofobiterapi shines a light on destructive preconceptions that, to this day, alienates people outsidethe hetero-norm. 

”Unlike conversion therapy, claiming the ability to cure people of their sexual orientation, the objective of this campaign is to erase harmful prejudices. To promote life with less fear; more love, pride and individual freedom.” Says Tasso Stafilidis, chairman at West Pride. 

The therapy, as developed by psychologist Ragnar Bern, is an audio guide based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, composed of eight different steps. Each step covers a specific topic and technique to identify and challenge distorted thinking.

Launched in June of 2019, the campaign quickly rose to fame during the Pride festival. Standing in the centre of attention on everything from national TV shows and newspapers to far right-wing media outlets (the core target group of the campaign), as well as a nationwide Digital OOH campaign sponsored by Clear Channel. 

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