Creativity in advertising is NOT dead. We create channel agnostic ideas based upon insights that deliver growth and provide meaning to your consumers. Engaging in ways that are relevant to their personal needs.


We create the best in virtual and physical events, 3D, built environments and activations. Our team of architects, visualisers and technology experts bring your brands to life and create unforgettable customer experiences.


We build scalable performance advertising models that engage your audiences and learn from their behaviour, creating awareness and leading them through the purchasing funnel into conversions. We build hypotheses, implement, test, learn, refine and measure.


Creativity solves business problems.

GREY Gothenburg is a creative agency and part of the global GREY Network. Based in central Gothenburg, our centres of excellence lie in Advertising, Experiential and Performance Marketing. Our highly experienced talents serve both local and global clients across a spectrum of industry sectors. We welcome you to explore more and are always available to chat, should you have any questions.‍